What age is it weird for your child to kiss on the lips?

My son is 2 1/2 and he really likes kissing on the lips (not french kissing or anything like that). My husband thinks he's too old to do this and that it's weird.

When did your little ones stop kissing on the lips and if you had to teach your child to kiss on the cheek how did you do that?


I think past 4 or so.. I still kiss my daughter (3) on the lips but not my sons ( 4 and 7) I did use to kiss them on the lips when they were smaller.

There wasnt one day when I decided that they were now too old for it, it just kinda happened, I started turning my cheek for them to kiss or I would kiss them on the cheek. My 7 y old sometimes tries to kiss me on the lips but I tell him that we kiss on the cheek. I just feel weird now kissing him on his lips.


your best bet is too not kiss your child for awhile, or maybe take away the television that involves shows that have children kissing on the lips. your child probably see's it there and thinks it's the right way to kiss. also, try kissing your child on the cheek and maybe he'll do the same to you. my little one, never really did kiss on the lips after he was 1 1/2. hope this helps.


For me,I would say 5. My son is only 1 now, so it's still open mouth kisses.


Aww he's not too old! He's only 2!


i kiss my 3 yr old on the lips but im trying to stop since i was told that thats how the cold sores(that type of common hpv or whatever virus it is) is usually spread to young ones.


My daughter doesn't do this anymore, she stopped when she went to prekindergarten, and i missed it. She just gives "Cheek kisses" now and it makes me so sad. My little one is learning how to kiss but it's more of him just slobbering all over my mouth and then smiling and giggling.


I really don't think it's weird at any age. It's really no different than a hug, I mean as long as it's quick..nothing gross about it! For the sake of it not embarrassing in front of his friends though it may be best to switch to the cheek before he reaches high school.


for the kids to kiss the parents on the lips, i think its weird at the age of 8 or 9.

so dont worry, he just wants to show he loves you, if i was you i would treasure he does that, when he is a teen he wont dare do that.