Can a swing hurt my Babys Bain?

Okay so my baby is 3months old and he's been really jumpy lately when he sleeps,sometimes even wake up cryin,anyways he needs someone to hold him so he can sleep,and I can't always do that,so is it safe that I put him in his swing,while swinging,and slow,its more like med.slow tho? Will this hurt him in any way?


There's nothing wrong with putting your baby in a swing, they would've pulled it off the market by now if anything was wrong with it. You should put the swing on LOW and then up the speed the older your baby gets. I know that as a mother you worry about things like Shaken Baby Syndrome and etc...but that come from more consistent shaking of the brain, like if you were to hold your baby and shake him constantly, and very hard, over time it will damage him, but a subtle and gentle swing wont bother him. I wish you the best!


My mommy put me in a swing when I was a baby and I didn't get no drain bamage


If the type of swings we are talking about are specially made for babys then why would it hurt his brains.

The swings are meant to relax and calm the baby so they can sleep.


Clearly it hurt yours.


I understand, I'm too am a mother and worry about my child, as we all should as parents. Those that are rude, just dont have respect or compassion for people, hopefully they dont raise their children the same way! God bless you!

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