My 3 week old baby girl doesnt like being on her belly ?

I try to put her in her play pen but shell roll over and be on her belly and she starts wailing! We will even be on the ground with her and ill lay her on my belly so her face is under mine and she doesnt like being on her belly at all ? is something wrong? will she be able to crawl even if she doesnt like being on her belly? i didnt like being on my belly either my mom says so i skipped crawling and went straight to walking .. will my baby do that same? is something wrong ?


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My baby used to be like this too. When my baby was that young I figured out that if I would lay down and lay my baby down facing me on top of my chest that he could tolerate being on his belly for longer. We would do this for several minutes a few times a day. When he could tolerate longer periods on his belly on top of me, then I transitioned him to do tummy time on the floor. And he began to tolerate floor time a lot better. This is what worked for me. I hope this helps.


No theres nothing wrong with her. My son used to hate to be on his belly too, he would cry and cry until i put him on his back so I rarely put him on his belly. Now he is 3 months old and loves being on his belly, he can roll over from his back to his belly or the other way around and he is always rolling onto his belly holding his head up just looking around smiling.


Most babies don't like being on their belly, but she is only three weeks old and will have to get used to tummy time. Its not easy and takes a while, but even if she is on her belly for three minutes a few times a day that is a start. I would place her on the bed since its softer and put her on her stomach and talk to her and let her know that everything is okay. Her having tummy time is very important because it teaches her to build muscles and lift her head. Do it a few times a day and in no time she won't be crying. Nothing is wrong with her she is just unhappy because she is used to being on her back. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean she will follow in that same pattern. Continue to do it. Tummy time can also include her on her stomach on your stomach, being on the floor or bed, and once she is a little bigger you can place her on a pillow.

Sing to her and make silly faces so she will not be so frustrated or just talk with her because the sound of your voice might soothe her to know she is not alone.


some babies take a while to get used to tummy time and will cry every time, you just need to do it gradually, my son didnt like it much I think thats how he learned to roll so quickly so he could be back on his back, your daughter is only 3 weeks old, give her time, your already taling about her crawling and walking, calm down, she is doing fine!


She's only 3 weeks old. =/ I would probably hate tummy time at that age too. She's still very little to be putting on her tummy if you ask me. She'll be fine with crawling and progressing, trust me. 3 weeks... to me... is still very close to being a newborn.


I wouldn't stress it. I dont know if I've ever met a baby that really enjoyed being on their stomachs. I mean all you get to see is the floor... I'd much rather enjoy the view looking up.

Give her a few mins of tummy time a day and let her enjoy the world around her.


there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with your babe not liking belly time! every baby is different.

if she's obviously not enjoying it, then help her get out of that position!

she WILL eventually crawl or go right to walking. and there's nothing wrong with either.

the most important thing is to not try to compare babies, and pay attention to your own, and what she's trying to tell you.

remember, she can't move very well on her own. if she's unhappily on her tummy and can't help herself roll onto her back, then i think not helping her is being a bit of a bully.


my lil bro does the same thing its normal