How do you loosen up when you start to get stressed out about stuff?

im 20 and half the time everythings fun and the other half im worrying about the future and not ever having a boyfriend or good friends to stick with me through everything and about what im doing in college and about what kind of job ill end up getting.?


listen to some good music or take a nice warm bubble bath :)




smoke a joint & chill.

those things are totally normal to worry about, but don't obsess over them, they are all parts of your life that will fall in line eventually if you keep your sh*t together.


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Well I try to forget about all the stress, I tell myself to calm down and to take things one step at a time and I try getting things done. I let God handle the future and I know things will work out in his will.


Stress can be made a positive. Instead of worrying about the outcome, apply eustress- a reason to motivate and prove you can overcome the challenges presented in your journey rather then something you are unable to bear.