13 and pregnant?I'm not joking

I'm not joking. This is serious and I am in absolutely in no way or form "trolling" or whatever you want to call it. Ok, anyways, my high school offers a 7th/8th grade academic center and one of the guys in it is my neighbor and he is really, messed up, for lack of better description. He never does his homework. He couldn't care less about school. He is only sad when girls break up with him. Again, he's 13. He and his friends hang out a lot, so I sometimes overhear him gloating on the phone about losing his virginity to this one girl. I actually heard the whole conversation. What I am about to say could be very graphic and disturbing, so discretion is advised. He said he's had sex a lot of times and every time the girl's virginity has gone away. This is in the last 5 months or so. He described it as "bloody" and "tight" and often makes lewd sexual gestures at girls. He says to have done both "front and back" and he's received a "blow***" from lots of girls. Does anyone not see anything wrong here? What is more surprising is that I don't think any girl's parents have contacted the school about it. I don't think the parents know. He is supposedly dating this one girl and had sex with her every day, and I feel a little concerned that he might have impregnated the girl. I know this isn't my business, but just think about it for a second, a 13 year old guy that has lost his virginity, and had sex with many different girls. I am just worried about society. I am 17 and had yet to lose my virginity. Coming from a christian family, my religion strictly forbids sexual intercourse prior to marriage. I have a feeling the MTV hit show "16 and Pregnant" will soon be "13 and pregnant". Anyways, my question is, should I do anything about this? Tell his parents? Tell the principal? Tell the girl's parents? I honestly have no idea what to do.


Wow, I would have to say its not your business so you should stay out of it, unless he is talking about hurting someone or something of that nature. He is probably lying anyway... guys tend to live this fantasy. My brother just turned 14 and says silly things like that, and I know he is a virgin. Even if he is telling the truth.... maintain your faith and don't worry about the rest of the world. I totally agree with "what is the world coming to". But I jus maintain my state of mine and stay away from world corruption. Its not your fight


I understand where you're coming from. But just because you've had sex doesn't mean you're pregnant, neither does a *******. You cannot get pregnant from a *******, and if you're not sure if the girls are on birth control, or if they used a condom. I'd just let them deal with it themselves. Not to be rude, but don't stress, it's not your issue. I hope i helped. :)


Honestly, I would want/need proof before anything. Then I would move towards parents/girls parents/principle.. whichever seems best and seeing as its HIM who does it all it'd be between his parents and the principle..And because he doesn't care weather he has sex or not and seeing as his parents don't seem to care or watch him id try the principle. But proof is required. Young kids like him like to brag and they lie a lot.