Do you think it's all right for...?

people to go by other names that aren't theirs? Like if a person is named Elizabeth but she isn't comfortable with that name so she uses a name totally different like Nara?


Yea its okay I have a friend named Trylon but he goes by Tray a friend named Ashley but goes by Nicole a aunt named Nicloe but goes by Dacole a cousin named Jessica but goes by Jakel and my name is Taneca but I go by Shana.

I mean there is nothing wrong with it not like you are stealings somebody else life you are just going by what you are comfortable with and some people do it because they are embarrased by there real name:)


why would you do that?


It's fine!

My friend's name is Cameron but she is called Drew


I think people should go by their name.


Why not just go by Liz, Lizzie, Eliza, Beth...? Why would they do that?



I think that it's fine. I think when you're with relatives or people who prefer to call you Elizabeth then they should be allowed to call you that, but when you're with friends and you prefer to be called Nara then that's your choice.


I think it's fine.

My dad's name is Chester, but everyone on his side of the family call him "Butch" lol

one of the reasons they do this is because he is Chester The III. So it gets really confusing. And when he was younger he had long hair and then went to the Barber one day and chopped it all off, and they started calling him "Butch" and the name just stuck. (:

hope this helps