Im eating alot more, only 13?

I've been eating a lot lately. I'm 13 and 5'2 and last I checked I was between 95-100 pounds. Idk but I've just been eating a lot for example, today I ate

Dunkin donuts tater tots, curly fries, 2 cracker jack bags, an ice pop, london broil, mashed potatoes, and 2 kiwi's

I have a very good metabolism but I've realized my stomach has gotton bigger. - haven't weighed myself but I'm most likely over 100.Should I try to burn it off?


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I'm the same height and age and I weigh a 104 pounds. All I ever hear from everyone is how skinny I am. If you're that type then don't worry!

By the way, I love london broil and curly fries too! :D


you need to eat more should weight closer to 115


You're just growing! Your body needs extra food and extra sleep.


I eat more than that for breakfast.

*pats beer gut*


its because your growing. your getting taller so your body needs food! its normal


no no .. dws (:

over 100 pounds is okay for a 5'2"

im a 5'4" and 107 pounds :D


Use it as an advantage. Gonto the weight room turn it into muscle and play football lacrosse or wrestle


That's not even much to even consider 2 meals. How about if you stick to having 3 meals a day and 2 snacks? :)