Whats wrong with my father, he always does this to me?

He always yells at me about homework (which I do in study hall since I have one right after another) so I just do it in there since I had it at the end of the day today. And he yells at me when I tell him its done. I ask him if he wants to see it and then he tells me not to why is he giving me such a hard time about it if he does not want to be bothered with it? I have good grades and all my homework is done. so whats his problem. Why is he bothering me so much about it.?


It's really hard to answer this question without knowing more details about him, his life, his background etc. It is a really tough spot you are in though. I had a father who constantly yelled at me when I was little, and always made me feel stupid and worthless. Thats really just the tip of the iceberg. Eventually as an adult I found out that all the yelling and verbal abuse was because he had narcissistic personality disorder, which in his case meant, he basically needed someone to yell at and to degrade, just to make him feel better about himself, and that I had been subjugated to the point where I gave him all the fuel he would ever need. But its hard to say in your dad's case, he could be stressed, he could have been abused himself when he was little. There are just so many circumstances. Is there a school counselor, or a close family friend that you can talk to? I wish I could be of more help to you. I actually really feel for you because it can make your days just horribly painful. Best of luck, please feel free to write back if you have other questions.


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I'd say the problem lies deeper than you doing your homework. Your dad probably has anger issues. My dad was the same way. He used to yell at me for learning certain songs on guitar when he thought I should be learning other things. I think he's just looking for a reason to be mad. There isn't much you can do about it.