Do you like my name?(Cecylja Rohzelle)?

My name is Cecylja Rohzelle, it is pronounced -suh-seel-ya -- roh-zell-

Do you like it?




i don't like the spelling. people will have a hard time pronouncing that.


It is very unique! But it kinda looks like someone smashed their face on the keyboard. Different, though...and that's a good thing :-)


Yes! When I read it, I pronounced it correctly. It's a great name!


Pretty name but the spelling is horrid. Cecelia Roselle is much prettier.


I really like it, its very unique! I love the spelling and.the way it.sounds. I especially like rohzelle.;)


I luv sound soooo specail..think of it this name is jannah(Jenna) and more than 3billion people have my name but yurs is very special no one ca n have that beautiful name:)


Cecilia Roselle would have sufficed. No offence, but your name looks illiterate.

I can't say much, my name (Sasha) is a masculine nickname for the Russian name Aleksandr.