What do you think of the name Ruby?

As a first name is this too common? Middle name suggestions please. Thanks :)


I'm naming my next daughter Ruby :)

her middle name is going to be Anastasia ! :D

We also considered:

Ruby Harlow

Ruby Filomena

Ruby Brielle

Ruby Victoria

Ruby Mae

Ruby Juliette

Ruby Mattéa

Good luck! :D


I think of an expensive rock and about the name Ruth.


It's okay. It's not a great name, but it's not bad either.


I dunno..


It's not too common at all because not a lot of people don't like it for a name. Out of all the feminine names out there, why choose Ruby?



i love Ruby but sadly it is VERY popular right now. it in the top 20 most popular names right now.


I like it, and don't think its common at all.

Middle names?

Ruby Summer

Ruby Christine

Ruby Elizabeth

Ruby Cassandra