Feel like im being Punish! :(?

So me and my fiance have been trying for about 5 months.. I kno they usually say u have about a year to try to conceive but we hardly have time to spend with each other due to our work schedule. I don't get my periods regularly because accordin to my doctor since I'm overweight the fat absorbs the hormones causin to not get my period. Last time I had a real period was oct 8 then spotted dec 1st.. I was even on fertilityfriend and said I had ovulated on the 9th I was sooo excited that I had finally reach my goal.. Thought I was havin symptoms cramping moodiness exhaustion and sore breasts.. Took the test probably 5 times these past 2 wks and was suppose to get my period yesterday took the test again negative! At this point I just wnna give up hope... 5 yrs ago I had an abortion... Now I feel I'm being punished! Idk what to do anymore but I'm tired of cryin :(


You have to relax, stress makes a bad impact on the situation. Once you stop trying so hard, it might happen easier.


you need to try to the dating section.

This here is the parenting section for parents of teens, kids & babies.


You're not being "punished", that's ridiculous.

Just keep trying...actually, you say that you barely have time to spend with your fiance, so how do you plan on raising a child right now anyway? And you're not even married yet?! If anything, you need to SLOW DOWN A LITTLE.