Do parents feel disrespected if their son or daughter changes their name?

Right now I have a Korean name. I want to change it when I'm 18.


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Well, if you are anything like the Koreans I went to high school with, nobody can pronounce your name properly anyway. Maybe if your parents heard the way people who've never encountered your name try to say it, they might understand ;)


Well if your changin it to Ribbon Candy yes your parents should be upset


Oh who cares.

My parents named me Hortense. If they seriously thought I'd keep that name...


I wouldn't. I would want my child to be happy and feel like they have the right name. Its your life, its your name. Do what makes YOU feel good.


Well are you Korean? That would be disrespectful, in my opinion. That's why I gave my kid a decent, 'normal' name... Maybe he'll hate it, but at least it's not something crazy.


If I were I mom, I wouldn't mind depending on the name. If your Korean name sounds beautiful behind your first name, then they might be a tad offended, but if not, they might not care.

Let's not forget, every parent is different. :-)


some might feel disrespected. but if you would rather have a "white" name, then go ahead and change it, soon enough they'll get used to it. Oh and I think this is one of those things you only get to do when you turn 21...not sure though,


Mine did. They were really mad, and I didn't even change it legally.

They named me Michelle, but called me Shelly. As an adult, I started spelling it Chelie. I have no idea why they were so offended, but they never got over it.