I need help girls asap?

I am now almost 8 day's late with my period. I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend ALotduring the passed month and we used no protection. Just today i began to bleed and get cramps like i normally would with my period. I am not sure if this is normal? Could this just be really heavy spotting or what? I am concerned and need a few tips. The blood isn't clot though... (P.s I just started to excrcise with a gym could i have done something?)


Most miscarriages are actually unknown and happen within days of conception. Im not a doctor but thats my understanding. its possible you were pregnant. Start protecting yourself either way, your post tells me you wouldn't be ready for this =P


your definitely starting your period. that always happens to me after i go to the gym.


I am going to be as honest as I can don't be mad. Are you an idiot? Use a condom for f$%ksake! Please you don't want to get knocked up obviously as per your question, so please do yourself a favor use protection no matter what. Again just being honest, not trying to hurt your feelings but it needs to be said.