TEENS: How was your day (on a scale of 1-10) :S?

1 being the worst day ever, 10 being the best.

Mine was a 1, hands down. :'( New semester, new classes. I had some friends in two of my classes, but they kinda ignored me, so it was so freaking boring, and I have all my difficult classes this semester. It sucks. Plus, I felt like I was going to throw up, and my bus driver is so terrible at driving. She's always going over curbs, and she like, purposely swerves INTO the rocks in the street so the bus goes jumping in the air. And my bus ride is an hour long (round-trip).

BQ: Anything funny happen today? Any humorous pictures, videos, etc.? I think I need something to cheer me up. (:

BQ2: Least favorite day of the week? (Mine's Tuesday... they're just so... blah.)


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2, people irritate me, and school is hard.

BQ: Today in French class, we had to use the STD as an acronyn (spell check) to remember something. And somebody was all like " She wrote STD on the board in big red letters"

BQ: Wednesday, your only half way though the week and you have to put up with two more days.


I would say a 6. It wasnt really that bad, but it was no where close to my best day ever.

Im sorry about your day. We watched really sad videos, reviewed quizzes, played corn hole, did a study guide, played computer games, and let my teacher talk all hour. So it was a pretty easy day, and i enjoyed fun times with friends i havent been able to talk to lately :)

Anything funny? Not too hilarious no, mainly those 'you had to be there' moments. I saw a really nasty text though, but there is no need to elaborate on that.

Least favorite day: Monday, waking up is a pain, and teachers always expect us to remember everything we forgot the friday before.


hmmmm 7, dont think i failed my math midterm!


3. I just got my report card back today. Not looking very good.


6. and nothing funny. i hate mondays


4 maybe, been at home sick for 3 days!



Midterms but then got out at 9:30 and hung out with friends.


1 at the beginning my stupid sub mad me get a late slip even though the second bell didnt ring yet but it was good mostly other then that