Opinions, ratings on bella b tummy honey BUTTER? ?

I heard this stuff works well when applied as often as possible. :)

I know stretchmarks are inevitable, but I know there are some lotions and creams that do, in fact, HELP with this issue.

So for those of you that have used or are currently using this stretch mark prevention butter, what do you think of it?

Did it work for you?

Thanks! :)


It is true that nothing will stop them. I have used bella b tummy honey butter and the stretch mark fading cream since 15 weeks. I has old silver stretch marks on my hips from puberty, and no amount of lotion or butter stopped them from continuing this pregnancy. I applied both products 2x a day. Mine are not horrible, as they are only on my hips but still. Ew. If you have stretch marks somewhere else, you will get them.


Nothing. Will. Stop. Stretchmarks.

Or prevent them or make them lighter.