I was supposed to have my period today?

Ok so. Should have started my period today, and I didn't. I've been getting what my friend thinks are signs of being pregn, she is in her second year of nursing school, and so I went and got 2 pregnancy tests this afternoon, I took one it came out negative thank God!I am just wondering if I should even bother taking the second one or am I out of the woods?


Missing your period for 1 day is quite normal, i would wait a couple of days before doing the other test but best results do it in the morning and mid stream, you probably did it in the day where HCG is not high and thats why you got a negative response, previous expereince, i was due my period on the 17th aug 2010 the 19th aug i did a test came back with a 2 lines but one of those was faded, did another on the 20th aug in the morning and got two lines straight away, be patient leave it a few days and then try again hun


Wait a few more days and if nothing, then test time!


It's been one day. Just wait a bit, you'll probably get it tomorrow.


before u take that 2nd one just wait a few days like a week after the first day of your missed period (today) ull get a more accurate result if u just wait


Most pregnancy tests recommend that you take them using first morning's urine. If you took one this afternoon, I'd take the other first thing in the morning. You're not "out of the woods" until you get a positive test or your period comes......


I would also, if you are a teenager you don't have regular periods yet. Also stress can make your period all out of whack and off schedule. There are many things to explain why you didn't have your period yet. But if you wanna be safe i would check the second one (;