Will i be able to have kids when i'm older?

Hi, I'm 14 years of age, Am i get paranoid quit a lot, and i am getting quit concerned that i masturbate quit a lot and for that reason would this mean i will not be able to have kids for when i'm older for low sperm count?...

Please someone Reply, Thanks..?


Don't listen to Scott, but I'm not gonna lie, that made me giggle. :)

You will be able to have kids. Unlike women, men do not have a certain number of sperm. You'll be fine. Just don't masturbate too much, you might get obsessed with it. I knew a guy who used to do it all of the time >.<


No, loq sperm count isnt none.


No, of course not. Most people masturbate. You don't have a limited amount of sperm cells, your body keeps on making them.


No, Your seminal fluids are going to go way down if you keep it up, and you will have to get surgery to amputate your penis and you'll run the risk of dying... So let your right hand rest for a bit, and find a nice girl and SEX HER UP!