Pregnant with twins when did u feel the babies moving, kicking?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant ( this is my third pregnancy ) and I was sure I was feeling them since about 14 weeks and the last week or more NOTHING... I had two ultrasounds in the last week cause I had a tiny bit of blood, and in the ultrasound they were both moving around like crazy. I didn't feel anything.

I know it wasn't gas or anything like that ( it was always at night when I went to bed and started poking around when I would feel them) kick and move away from my hand.

My question is has this happened to anyone one else....I go for another scan next Monday (18 week detailed scan) hoping to find out the sexs.


im answering because im pregnant not with twins tho, i started feeling movement with this pregnancy at 14-15 weeks then hardly anything, i felt odd movement but nothing 100% at a 4D scan i had at 16 weeks i found i wasnt feeling anything know because baby was facing inwards cuddling the placenta, its only since 19-20 weeks that shes turned and i can feel kicks, and 21-22 weeks since ive felt kicks every day, so maybe thats why babies are just facing inwards and kicking inwards