I am TTC and need some advice?

Please do not be rude. Just give me good, simple advice as this is a very touchy subject.

We have been TTC for a year. Last December (or early January) I took a pregnancy test and had a very faint positive. A few days later I believe I suffered a miscarriage. Ever since, we have been trying by using absolutely no protection. Still nothing. I am 20, he is 28.

From what I know, his side of the family has a lot of success with reproduction. His grandmother had 5 children, his mother had 2 (him and his brother) but decided she only wanted 2 children so she got a hysterectomy very early on in her life.

My side - Great grandmother had 4 children, there was a 5th who was a twin but she lost that baby during birth. My grandmother had 3 children, my mother has 3 children. Everyone in my family seems to be very fertile. My mother calls herself a "fertile mertile."

Things about us -

Him: Drinks beer very often, very stressful job. Smokes pot very often, this does not have an effect on his attitude, etc. It simply makes him happy and he enjoys it. (Always has.)

Me: Drug free. I don't drink very often however I do smoke cigarettes. I am often stressed.

What could be wrong? Considering I did have that one positive pregnancy, I am still holding hope that one day I will too be able to have a family of my own but after months and months of trying, I am starting to feel very depressed. Please help me out. Any success stories? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


well first off, if you are TTC you need to stop smoking...i also am TTC and a smoker and trying really hard to quit. alcohol and pot will both lower sperm count and cause unfertility. im not saying its impossible to get pregnant if he does those things but he really should stop smoking. ESPECIALLY if you are wanting a baby. stress can make you less fertile also. not to be rude,i know your not, but it sounds like your trying to be less fertile! cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol all have an effect on fertility. if you cut out these things your chances will be much greater! i wish you both the best of luck and sending baby dust your way!