Why doesn't my baby seem interested in food at all?

She will be 6 months old in a week. She eats it just fine, she doesn't show whether she likes it or dislikes it though. She does love chewing on her spoon, but that's about it. I started give her home made food because she's almost 6 months old and is still hungry after eating 32 ounces of formula a day.


Sounds like she might not be interested yet. And that is fine. She is drinking enough formula. Until your child turns 1 solids are mainly for practice and for a bit of variety. She does not need them now.

My first wasn't interested until she was 7 months. Then she loved them.

My second child wasn't ever interested in baby food. Only started to eat solids when she could start table food at around 10 months.

So keep offering from time to time. But if she doesn't want it now don't worry. In her own time she will.