Do you think there is something wrong with me?

in the past 9 months i have had terrible periods, i get horrible cramps to the point were i cant move out of my bed and i actually cry because the pain is so bad. i bleed so much that i use 10-15 tampons a day then i have to get up every 3 hours during the night to change. i went to see my doctor last month and he told me that it could be the result of having my marina coil removed. I have been trying to concieve since i had it out 9 months ago and nothing has happened as of yet. my doctor said that i had to wait for 3 months before he would refer me to a gynocologist. im worried that there may be something wrong with me and thats why i have bad periods and havent yet concieved. what if thereis something wrong and i have to wait for 3 onths and it makes whatever my problem is worse? do you think my doctor was right or could there be something wrong? any body have anything simalar.


I would try to see a gyno if I were you. You would be surprised to find gyno's in your area that have first time visits for free and even a free ultrasound! Just for your piece of mind! I had some irregular bleeding and found out to be a small fibroid and I took care of it with meds. I would not wait so long for a referral that's ridiculas bleeding for so long. And it can cause multiple problems ahead.