For abortion or not for abortion?

For abortion or not for abortion?


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Not for abortion no matter what the circumstances are. I believe that children are gifts from God even if the woman because pregnant from rape. There are too many couples in this world who cant have children of their own who want too adopt so badly. If u do not want to keep ur child, give it up for adoption


Anti abortion, but pro choice. It is not up to me to decide for a woman.


It's not my choice for other women to make. I'm for the CHOICE,not the abortion. Pro choice.



there are so many women out there that try to have babies but are unable to. and they would do anything to have one. to me, it's just not right to kill a baby. not fair.


I personally could never get an abortion, but I believe it is a women's right to choose what happens to her body. It isn't for the government to say what we can or cannot do


Pro-Choice, it's every woman's right to abort if they want to, I do have a problem with people being careless and using abortion as a way of birth control. I personally would probably not abort unless it's was a product of rape, or medical issues.


Bear with me just a bit, say you are hanging out in the city and you see a woman get off the bus and walk into a Doctors office and she is there for a few min, an hour (who's job is it to keep track?) and then she leaves, ok, so what just happened and who's business is it to know?

The Doctor and the woman, ONLY!

With that said, I do NOT approve of abortion, however the last time I checked

AMERICA was supposed to be a FREE COUNTRY

Can U dig it?


I'm on the fence. On the one hand, people should be able to abort the baby then if they are not able to bring it into a stable or suitable family life. On the other hand, offering abortion makes people more careless about using protection and makes them feel it's alright to be unsafe. Overall though I'm for it, it may be considered morally wrong but if someone doesn't want a child/isn't capable of bringing one up and gets pregnant by accident, I think abortion is a good option. ALTHOUGH, they could be like a serrogate Mum and give their baby to couples who can't conceive... Hmmmm.. It's a tough one.