How do I parent beyond male stereotypes? (Husband + I can't agree AGAIN)?

I'm pregnant with my second child and I want to buy a baby doll for Chase so we can practice taking care of a baby together (that way he can learn how to nurture something smaller than himself + he can take care of his "baby" while I take care of his brother). I was also thinking that it might help him when the time comes to potty train too but my husband does not like the idea of buying a baby doll for our son. We literally argued about it in the store for a good 10 minutes and I finally just gave up. It's not like I'm going to purposefully buy a baby doll with pink ruffles. How do I help my husband to understand that buying a baby doll might be a good idea for our son?


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You can always compromise and get him a stuffed animal to take care of. Does the same function but doesn't have the "doll" label.


might as well sign him up for a beauty pageant. no male will ever let their son play with a doll. action figure yes but not a doll


We buy our daughters dolls so they can play mommy, right? Well, don't boys grow up to be daddies? It's the same play, it's not really a girl toy or a boy toy, most things aren't. I mean, he doesn't sneer when he sees a man holding his infant, right? What's the difference?

Maybe a tool set will help him feel better about it. Get your kiddo a baby and a drill, then he can show his baby how to fix things.

I don't know, I don't really understand the whole gender stereotype thing so I don't think I'm much good at helping someone get past it.


"How do I help my husband to understand that buying a baby doll might be a good idea for our son"

This sentence pretty much covers my #1 frustration with women. They believe that if we do not agree with them it is because they have not said it enough, or possibly loud enough. Maybe he understands all your points and still disagrees, that is his right.

****Personally you could not convince me either, and not for gender reasons either. I find your premise to be shaky at best. I have a hard time seeing how a baby doll teaches someone how to handle their baby sister/brother. Perhaps you could explain it to me again. :)


Comprimise and get a teddy bear or something.

Males don't like their boys to play with 'girly' dolls sadly :<


I side with your husband, get him a small animal instead. A frog?


Sounds like your husband may have some of his own issues to work out. There's nothing wrong with a boy playing with dolls. Or a girl playing with trucks and gi Joe. Buncha crap.


I wouldnt be going out and buying a doll for him either. If he really wants to take care of 'baby' together, he can use one of his stuffed toys. If hes anything like my son, he would be over it in all of 5 seconds.