Only 16 Weeks Pregnant But...?

Everytime I sneeze, get up, or cough it hurts! It feels like I'm being punched in the gut? Yesterday I sneezed and had to lay still for five minutes because it hurt! Then today I got out of a chair & had to stand still for a little bit. What is this? Is this normal? I definately "feel" pregnant now, I can feel the pressure when I move in certain directions in my pelvic area and can't bend that far anymore, is the sneezing/coughing/getting up thing normal as well?


I had that too and it started around the same time in the pregnancy. It hurt every time I'd sneeze or cough or get up and even when I'd laugh. My doctor said it was totally normal. The pain just got worse as the pregnancy progressed, but it ended up mainly happening whenever I would stand up. I ended up getting a belly bra which totally helped relieve the pressure.


That's probably round ligament pain.


That is your body expanding for your little bundle of joy!..... Congrats and if it gets worse I would call your doctor! Many Blessings to you an yours!


Sounds like round ligament pain. A warm bath can ease the aches, just make sure it's not too hot. And rest as much as possible. There's not much else you can do for it unfortunately


Yea its normal happened to me but it does slowly go away promise. Im 25wks now and the pains finally stopped. When it hurts try rubbin the area in small circles with your hand until it goes away, worked for me hope it works for u


I'd go to the doctor just to be sure. The pressure sounds somewhat normal but the sneezing/coughing doesn't. In the mean time just eat healthy, do light exercise, and take your multivitamins. Definitely don't stress!



Every time you put pressure on your uterus, it can cause discomfort. It can feel better if you are drinking enough water. You should be drinking 8-10 glasses a water a day. I was having a lot of the same trouble you were, then I started drinking the amount I am suppose to and it has helped so much. I am now 32 weeks.