Is she pregnant from slight entrance?

Basically, the first time me and my girlfriend were about to have sex, we were both naked and i entered slightly (the head only half way in) and within 5 seconds pulled out and put a condom on and went about it. Is it possible she could be pregnant? she's supposed to have her period sometime this week and it's been pressing on my mind. She said she feels it coming (symptoms and what not) but im a bit worried. What are the chances she's pregnant?


The chances of her being pregnant are small. But yes, there is a very very small possibility she could be. "Pre-***" and / or "Pre-ejaculation" often happen in the early stages of a man getting "hard". This can cause pregnancy, even if you only went inside her once. Kudos to you for stopping and using a condom, at least you are trying to be responsible. I wouldn't worry about it too much, your girlfriend seems like she knows her body enough to tell - and most women do. How long a go did you have sex? That can always play a factor in it. I suggest taking a deep breath about it until you know something, you can't undo something if it's already done. Which hopefully it isn't! (Assuming you weren't trying to get her pregnant). Good luck!