Am i pregnant? do i take a test NOW? help im scared. please ;(?

Okay, so my boyfriend and I had sex on valentines day and the condom ripped:( can I be prego? Should I take a test NOW, or how long do I wait? :(


You can test now but you would need a very sensitive pregnancy test. First response early test is about the most sensitive on the market.

Once you're pregnant a hormone in your body called hcg can be detected. It doubles every 2 days in the early weeks of pregnancy. It is this hormone that the tests detect.

Sperm can live inside you for 3 days, then it takes up to 10 days for a fertilised egg to implant into your womb. It's only when this happens that you will produce hcg.

Whilst it's theoretically possible to fall pregnant anywhere in your cycle the most fertile days are 13-18. The first day of your last period being day 1.


I would suggest you wait until your period. If you miss it, take the test.


u have to wait atleast 2 weeks after it happs and to get a really accurate reading wait a month. DONT STRESS OVER IT, it can give u false readings


You can test now, But I'd wait a week.