Narrowed it down to these 3 -- Which do you like best?

I asked a question earlier about which middle name you like best, and I put quite a few middle names. I have narrowed it down to three and want to know what you like best.

Evelina Rosalie

Evelina Sadie

Evelina Iris

- The last name is 1 syllable and begins with F.


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I absolutely adore Evelina Iris! Iris is my favorite girl name right now, and Evelina is actually a name I was considering adding to my list today, so together I find them to be positively fabulous.

Evelina Rosalie seems a bit too many syllables together (4 and 3), while Sadie seems a bit too cutesy.

Evelina Iris is feminine, graceful and flows perfectly together. I also like the 4-2-1 syllable count you would have for the full name. Very balanced.

Best of luck to you!


Still love rosalie. Good luck!


Evelina Iris flows the best!


Evelina Rosalie sounds beautiful!


Evelina Rosalie F___ is very cute! :)


Evelina Rosalie


Evelina Iris


Evelina Iris.