What do you see a person with this name looking like?

if you heard these names without any details about the person, how would you envision them looking?







thanks in advance! <3


Jil: Long black hair, pale skin, piercing green eyes, very tall, and athletically built. Snooty looking in a way, but she is a very kind person.

Lucie: Short curly sand colored hair, big brown eyes. Very petite. Motherly and saintlike.

Poppy: Bright orangey-red hair that is kind of frizzy, tan skin, dancing blue or black eyes. She is short but certainly makes her presence known.

Eloise: Kind of nerdy looking, but is very intelligent and quite pretty behind the glasses. Short thick brown hair with a slight waviness to it.

Fleur: A VERY stuck up girl who is extremely vain of her platinum blond hair. Everyone hates her. Tall and statuesque, reminiscent of the frame of a supermodel.

Lenka: Selfish and rather ugly. Has a bad case of zits. Mousy brown hair, oily skin, braces on her yellow teeth.


Jil - fair and red head

Lucie- blue eys blonde curly hair

Poppy- i picture a flower not a person

Eloise- pretty brunette with green eyes

Fleur- european

Lenka - Russian


Jill - Fair, freckles, strawberry blonde

Lucie - Blonde, blue eyed, likes pink

Poppy - Dark brown hair, blue eyes, semi alternative

Eloise - Blonde, blue eyed

Fleur - Alternative (Camden town kind)

Lenka - Dark short hair, alternative (dark)


Jil - middle aged lady who likes flowers

Lucie - a girl with 2 braids who runs in the fields with her horse while wearing overalls

Poppy - I don't even know what to think of this. It's more like a nickname

Eloise - an old timey female

Fleur - ?

Lenka - brussel sprouts and lentil soup


Jil- Sweet maybe on the quiet side though- Dark hair and maybe short

Lucie- Always thinking of others before herself-long blonde hair or short brown hair

Poppy- Very ambitious and knows what she wants in life-light hair and tallish

Eloise- the charmer-blonde fair skin nice skin

Fleur-romantic-long flowing brown hair



Jil: Brownish hair, fair skin, grey eyes.

Lucie: Blonde hair, fair skin, green eyes.

Poppy: Black hair, dark skin, gold eyes.

Eloise: Blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes.

Fleur: Dark brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes.

Lenka: Blonde hair, fair skin, brown eyes.


Jill: short with brown hair and hazel eyes

Lucie: blonde with blue eyes

Poppy: red hair of course! and green eyes

Eloise: little Eloise from the Eloise at the Plaza movies so short with blonde hair

Fleur-reminds me of Harry Potter so tall and elegant with long blonde hair

Lenka-dark brown hair and black eyes


Jil- Fair, red hair minimum freckles around the nose. Long bangs and hair in a pigtail.

Lucie- Blonde curly hair that goes past the shoulders. No bangs and clear natural skin.

Poppy- Brown hair wavy and natural. Cute, young face.

Eloise- Short black/dark brown bob. Tanned.

Fleur- ... Uh I dont even know how to pronounce that.

Lenka- African American with flat ironed hair. Funny and bubbly.