Ttc is their a chance i could be preggo?

Im ttc and I use a ovulation schedule and its usually right (I can tell when im ovulating) but im not supposed to start my period till the 28th of this month. My ovulation schedule told me I was supposed to ovulate on the 14th but I dont think I ovulated till the 16th and after the 14th came and didnt seem like I was ovulating this month I gave up..But I had sex everyday from the 9th to the 14th then quit till the night of the 16th..Now Im having sore sensitive breast, and just starting peeing every 15-30 mins last week without drinking much also my lower abdominal is hurting right where my uterus is...I know your most fertile day before you ovulate but im scared I did on the 16th and didnt have sex the day before..I have one child but its been so lon since I was pregnant I dont remember what the beginning of pregnancy is like..Lol but my question is, Is there still a chance of me being pregnant this month?...Im scared my mind is playing tricks on me and maybe just period symptoms...


If your talking about having sex the 14th of This month your not going to have signs of pregnancy.. not at least for another few weeks or so. If you did Not ovulate this month you may be pregnant - you do not ovulate when your pregnant.. I would think you would have been pregnant from sometime in January to not have ovulated this month and to have symptoms.

My first symptoms was backache sore breasts and headaches.. wait to see if you miss a period then test. Good Luck