Teens! Mixed feelings and signs from this guy?

Okay so I am 16 and he just turned 17. We have no classes together but both attend the same school. Our school only has about 125 kids in the high school part. So everybody knows everyone, for exapmle: I know everybody's name and 99% of last names. I could also tell you where they live.

I like this guy. But the problem is, so does my friend (she is my friend, we aren't close but my best friend is her best friend so like I see her alot and we talk, etc) At school there's 8 girls I hang out with at lunch everyday. We sit together but sometimes I will just be with a couple of those girls working on projects or walking and talking.

This guy has been hanging out with my friend alot lately. Everybody knows she likes him, no one knows I like him. I am also shy which makes it worse. I want to talk to him but 1) I'm so shy and 2) It could ruin alot of friendships between me, the other girl and our mutual friends.

Signs I've picked up:

- Today at the lunch line he ran in behind me, stood there, and while I got my cookie and went to pay he was standing there so that I had to walk past him and another girl (so I walked by him and I was really close) hebsaid something, but I couldn't make it out, it sounds like a Hi or Hey but I'm not sure and it was a really quiet low voice.

- A few weeks ago he was standing in front of me at the lunch line and turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. I got embarrassed because I am self concious and I looked away.

- Lately he has been sitting where I sit to eat lunch. There are these benches and me and my friend sit there and he has been sitting one over from me. But he doesn't say anything. He knows my friends because my other friend likes him and they all know.

- When he was sitting by me today, the friend who likes him walked by us and told him to come down and sit with her (down the hall more) He hesitated and it took him about 20 seconds befo he got up.

But he doesn't talk to me . When I meet him in the hall I can't lo at him! I freeze up!

And if I start talking to him or giving signs, my friends may notice and think I'm trying to talk him from the other girl.

I don't even see why he is wasting his time with my friend, she likes him one day and the next she hates him, when he ignores her she gets sooty but when he talks to her she tells him to eff off and gets mad. She's so weird!

What to do?sorry its so long I am just soo confused, I like him and think he's perfect for me but he's not showing much interest to me and my friend has him.

Also. My friend has hung out with him alot in the past year at her house and stuff, they went out to eat a couple times in the summer and I heard today she kissed him last saturday.


That's a tough one. :b I honestly don't think that your friend liking him too is a big deal. Don't let that stop you from talking to him if you like him! I remember a year and a half ago, my friends [about 6 of them] and I all liked the same guy. They didn't make any moves, so I did. I started dating him, and we're still together now. Do you catch my drift? What I mean is, your friends don't deserve this guy any more than you do. If you like him, you need to go for it- otherwise you'll regret it. I know you don't want to wreck your friendship, but think about it: If your friend went out with him, you'd obviously be jealous, right? But, you wouldn't end your friendship by any means. A true friend would support the other in any situation, no matter what. HOWEVER: If your friend kissed him...well, you don't want to interfere with that at all. You'll make it out as though you're fighting her for him. If he was a free man, then you could very well go for it, regardless of the fact that somebody else liked him. Since that happened, I wouldn't do anything. Talk to your friend about it, and see if it actually went down before you jump to conclusions.

He could like you, he could like your friend, or he couldn't like either of you. It's super tough for me to tell, sorry. :( I wish I could help you more. I agree with you though, the 'signs' he's giving you are a little bit confusing. I know you're shy, but try talking to either him, a friend of his that you're close to, or your friend that also likes him. Try investigating this situation a little more, wait it out a bit, and see what happens.

Good luck! =]

-The Lorax.


i think you should say heyy, get to know him a bit.

tell your friends you like him, you have a right to like who you want and if you tell them now they will be less likely to get mad at you. (: