Can I use a spray bottle on my baby?

Does it work to spray a kid when they are doing something wrong like you would a cat that's on the kitchen table? I don't know if babies don't like being sprayed with water. No, I'm not a troll, I'm serious. It's better then spanking but I'm not sure if it will work. I'm expecting my first child, trying to figure out how to discipline.


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I wouldn't do this because it might create a fear in your relationship with your child. Sooner or later they will steal the spray bottle and get you or steal it or spraying them could create an early fear of water. I really don't even think this woud work. You would spray them and they would think ok I'm getting wet and that's it.


Stupid people shouldn't breed. I am serious.


Uh, no. You will scar your child for life.


no! ur crazy! that so mean and it wont work. . . just keep telling them no they will listen soon! it takes time, there never gonna listen to anyone unless they spray them so id say no!


I personally think it's f***ing wrong. hopefully you don't spray your babe when it crys with in a week of coming home. :(


Of course, you can start that technique at 1 week of age, also call child protective services before you start doing it.


If you spray your child, he/she will cry even more. Im just picturing someone spraying a newborn with water. The baby will gasp and freak out and you would just feel horrible. Dont do it! :)

By the way, you cant discipline your child when they're newborn, discipline your child when they are old enough to understand.


Absolutley not. I understand what you're trying to say, and in some ways, okay, it might be better than spanking. But this will create fear and confusion between you and your child. Please use the spray bottle to discipline. And believe me, if you're only expecting your first child, you'll have plenty of time to discuss with yourself (and possibly your partner) of what kind of discipline techniques you want to use on your child.