Would you support your childs decision to go on a dating show?

And talking of dating shows do you watch bachelor? and who do you think hes gonna end up with? I think its gonna be either emily or chantal.. lolz


Considering they'd have to be 18 to be on one...i'll support the decision since it's their decision to make.

That being said, i hate how some of those shows bring families into it and i would not be willing to do that should my child be on such a show. My life is not the nation's business.


Shows like the Bachelor make me embarrassed to be a woman.


i'm not going to tell an adult what they can or can't do, but i wouldn't "support" a decision as crazy as that.


Uh. I wouldn't encourage it, no. Doesn't seem like those kinds of things have the best track records for long-lasting relationships, and mostly the contestants seem to be looking for attention rather than true love. But, as an adult, that'll ultimately be their call. And of course I'll support them, even if it's not something I would choose to do. They're my kid.

I've watched The Bachelor in the past, but this season just didn't draw me in. I haven't watched any of the episodes.