NOOOOO, Eva from the parenting section is gone!?

Eva was so much fun! She was a troll but her questions made me laugh so hard! She was the mother of Zorro F Zorro H and Zorrofina, and wildboar fighter. Did anyone report her or something? Please let Zorro stay because he's as funny as her. Did any of you get to read her questions? Crack up.


Let her have a break! I am sure shes just out boar hunting or dedicating herself to making gin today.


Maybe the wild boars got her.


All she has to new is create a new email. Noone is gone forever.


Meh, I couldn't stand her. I hate the quasi-trolls....the trolls that only troll half the time.


Some of her answers made me laugh but there is an art to trolling. Maybe some Masked Man needs to give lessons. Practice makes perfect I hear.