My mom has big boobs and I'm 14 and don't? (more info inside)?

All the women in my family have big boobs. My mom, my Aunts, my Grandma, everyone. Like, size Ds and Cs. And I'm 14, my friends all have big boobs even if their mom's don't and they're all the same age. And i know we all 'develop' at different levels, but my Mum was done with boob growth at like 15 and i'm almost there and still wear size 36A! It's embarrassing because I'm in high school and have these little studs when i though i would have huge sizes! When will they grow/can they grow and do genes have any affect at all?


Be patient.Be concerned about what is between your ears than what is below your neck.


have you seen the woman on your dad's side?Some women don't finish development until their 20,don't worry you're not done.

good luck <3


You're 14. They're middle-aged. 'Nuff said.


your only 14. your gonna get boobs soon. im 14 to and i wear a B36. my mom and aunt are like C's.. and just because your moms, aunts and grandmas and the females in your family have big boobs doesnt mean you will to. just wait, your still growing. and if you dont develop like them then dont freak... boobs aren't everything.


Im 14 and in huge


I felt the same way you do when I was your age. I was a late bloomer, as they say. My mom was barely a B cup, and I wanted to have boobs like her because hers were bigger than mine. Well, now my breasts are naturally size 38DD, so be careful what you wish for. :) With time, you will be the size you are supposed to be. Hang in there and have patience.


Boobs aren' t something that should be your biggest worry. But, some girls don' t even start developing breasts until they are fourteen. It doesn' t happen overnight, just be patient.