How can I ask My mom for Pads?

I Started my Period a few months ago.... But I think it's very awkward to ask my mom to go Buy me Pads. Especially science My moms Kinda Weird and Idk if I should ask her in person or Like idk. Can some of you give me a REASONABLE answer? I'm only 12 so I an't drive and I have No money! She's going 2 the dollar store in a lil so should I txt her while she's in there? PLEASE HELP!


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You're lucky, I have to ask my DAD for pads/tampons when I need them, which I assure you is more awkward. You could either just say "Mom, I need some more pads :)" before she leaves, or you could text her whilst she's there. Alternatively, you could go to the shops with her and then just get the pads off the shelf and put them in the basket. If she asks, just tell her that you needed some more. It'll be fine, you say she's "kinda weird" but she's still a women, and a parent, and you can't let your fear of the conversation being awkward get in the way of buying sanitary products, because you need them! Sorry for the long answer, don't worry, and good luck! :)


just say it bluntly. Thats what i do, lol. She goes through it too.....


just ask that's what moms are for!


umm your mom knows what it's like to have a period LOL stop making such a big deal out of it and just tell her, can we get some pads! not that hard


it's not awkward. say, "mom, i need more pads". done.


"Mom I need some pads." Your mom is a woman I'm sure she will understand.

I mean seriously? Why do people even ask these kind of questions


Just ask her. She's your mother, she'll understand that you need pads. I don't think any mother would be like "No, I'm not getting those for you!" to their daughter.


That sounds like a good idea. Wait a few minutes when she walks out the door then text her. Depending on the brand of kind of pads you want, make sure you mention that in the text.