Should a four year old girl take showers with her dad?

My friend told me her 4 year old granddaughter takes showers with her dad and wanted my opinion about it. I did not want to offend her but I said I thought his daughter was too old to be in the shower with her dad. That was my opinion of course. The dad of the child is her son. What is your opinion of this? Poppy


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no, this is normal,still in appropriate age range.


Not specifically... Thats ok... like... I assume he's not raping her in there and if hes not its all good...

Most kids still have the occasional shower with a parent till they 6 or 7


Unless he wears swim shorts or something that covers him up, I see a problem. Our 3yr old has never been in the bath/shower with her dad without him being in shorts. Just kinda weird....



this age is 2 big for having bath-shower together with apposite sex

its fine if she is taking bath with her mom

my daughter is near 4 and mostly she is taking bath alone with our eye on her.sometimes she is asking me to be with her in bath tub and theres no problem with that..


There is nothing wrong with it. I have 3 kids and as long as you don't make it weird it won't be. My boys have showered with me and their dad as well as my daughter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you were asking because ur friend asked for advice, if I were you I would not get involved. Just leave a matter like this to her family to decide.


I think it's ridiculous that this is even striking a question in people's minds. OF course it's fine for a 4-year old to shower with her Dad. My daughter does, and she's 4.

As long as both parties are okay with it, I do not see a problem. The problem I see is the people who have a problem with it, they have some sort of perverted oversexed mind.


Would you ask this question if it were a boy taking a shower with mis mom? I see nothing wrong with ANY small child taking a shower with EITHER parent. Men are just a capable of parenting as women. Just because YOU think four is too old to shower with a parent doesn't mean other people do.