If someone launches a thinly-veiled attack on another poster, but is then found out to have lied...?

how should they be treated? As a hypocrite? A troll? Or simply a sad, pathetic creature to be pitied?

Because a certain poster who's claimed specialist knowledge of adoption paperwork due to her current role preparing documentation for family courts was apparently a midwife just a couple of weeks ago.....


@Alice ~ you also claim to have surrendered a child and if I remember correctly from your latest question you're in the process of adopting. To be quite honest I will soon have trouble keeping up.

To answer the question normally trolls don't bother me. The only time they upset me is when then start attacking one or more other posters and wont let it rest. There is no need to be nasty or make that person's life a misery.

I sometimes wonder if some trolls actually have mental health issues .... and before I get slammed I do suffer with depression!


You know, I went looking to see if that was the case - must be I missed something! Thanks for finding this. I was getting ready to "call" personality disorder, so maybe troll is better!


Its the internet, what do you expect?

Do you really think that people are who they say they are on here?


I trained as a midwife in 1997-2004. Moved into the HMRC in 2004-2008 and took up post as court clerk in 2008. I have not worked as a midwife since 2004. Hope that answers you question.


I don't treat them as anything, I just continue to point out where they're wrong. The answers we give DO help people, that's why we continue to answer despite the bang-your-head-off-a-brick-wall idiocy we encounter on here.

Don't let it get to yer dear, all it does is demonstrate just how many of us ARE aware of wtf's going on is all. Means we get to post our links 'n' stuff. :}