Do you find the BOYS name Micah Feminine +BQs?

i love the boys name Micah but i am finding that it is getting to be one of those unisex names. do you think it is too feminine, does it go well with sister Georgia

which middle name

Micah Joseph

Micah Andrew

Micah Ashton


I don't see anything feminine or unisex about this name...Its way to handsome to be even remotely girly. IMO

Micah Joseph


I can't see that on a girl at all. Micah & Georgia is so cute; I like Micah Andrew.


Micah Joseph <3

-- Very handsome


It's not feminine at all to me. In fact, I think it is an awesome choice and one I would consider myself! I like all of your middle name choices also so it would really just depend on how the complete name flows with the last name.

It is also adorable with Georgia!


Micah is the boy's name:

But there is a feminine version:

They mean different things but they are pronounced the same and spelled differently: Micah for a boy and Mica for a girl. For a boy it means "who is like Yahweh? - God" and Mica means "brook".

I think it goes great with Georgia.

Micah Andrew sounds very handsome.


I only know of one Micah and he is a male.. I've never heard of a female being named Micah, so I can't imagine why would think it is feminine?

The Micah I know is HappySlip's son on YouTube :) (the awesome Filipino mommy who makes comedy sketches).

I think Micah Andrew sounds the best of those three.

I think Georgia is a beautiful name for a girl. It reminds me of that movie Georgia Rule (which is an AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG movie, by the way; it has Jane Fonda in it!)


How on earth does the name of the Biblical prophet who foretold the destruction of Jerusalem become even faintly feminine.

Who are the losers using this strongly masculine name for girls?

Are you sure you're not confusing this with Michaela (commonly misspelled as Mikayla, etc)?

Anyway, do not use a middle name starting with "A" as the sounds can slide into each other.

Micah Edward

Micah Patrick

Micah Bennett

Micah Gabriel

Micah Henry

Micah Daniel

Micah Lawrence

Micah Leon

Micah Owen

Micah & Georgia go quite well together.

Micah can have the nn Mike or Mick.

Nice choice!