Would it be weird to send my OBGYN a thank-you card?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my first child. My doctor is so amazing. She is like a mother-figure and so sweet, but so knowledgeable and makes me feel so great. Things have gone so great so far. I'm thinking after I have my baby, I want to send her a thank-you card... since I won't really be seeing her after that until I have another baby, and she may be retired by then or my husband and I might not be living here.

Would it weird her out if I sent her a thank-you card? She has been very supportive of me and my husband and just an all-around awesome doctor and person.


My OB/GYN has pictures of babies she delivered attached to thank you cards from her patients hung up on the wall of her office. So no it is not weird.


no .


I think it'd be really sweet :-D


send her a thank you card with a pic of your newborn! it is not weird... it will make her feel good!


I think it would be thoughtful and she would appreciate it.. It would make her feel special..


Not weird at all. I think it's a great idea! :) Goodluck with everything! :)