I just found out I was two months pregnant and i caught a cold. Can that lead to a misscarriage?

I'm just worried because I caught a summer cold and I'm 2 months pregnant. I had a misscarriage before so i was just wondering if a cold this early in the pregnancy can lead to another misscarriage. I really hope not though. Please help?


Both of my sisters caught terrible colds while pregnant, now they each have a healthy baby.

My mother said that many women (not all!) will catch what they describe as the worst cold of their lives while pregnant!

I think it is normal as long as you take care of yourself and be careful!


no, just take care of your cold - drink plenty of liquids and eat well!


I really don't think a cold would affect your pregnancy. If you start running a high temp then I would call a dr. I would stress because stress can cause some complications. Just rest and take it easy. I had a few colds when I was pregnant and think I heard its common to get a cold while pregnant. Just rest and relax. Congratulations