Should we have our daughter dedicated to the Lord, soon after her adoption is finalized?

We are adopting our foster daughter. As a Christian couple we believe in infant dedication. We're thinking about having our daughter dedicated when her adoption is finalized. But I'm pregnant with twins, and I will be on modified bed rest when this happens. Her adoption should be finalized sometime in October. OR should we wait until after the twins are born, and have all three dedicated at the same time. Me and my husband can't really make up our minds. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Please be polite, and NO anti-adoption rants, remarks or answers, thank you.


Do all 3 together. I think that will cement you being one whole family as opposed to your adopted child and the twins. It is also one less thing for your family to attend and for you to have to cook after.


...what did Mary and Joseph do with their Son...? ("they" dedicated Him to the Lord in the Temple !)