Is eloy a name or a nickname?

Ive been trying to find a name for my soon to be born son and i like the name eloy and i was wondering if thats a real name to name a newborn baby


One of my drafting clerks was named Eloy. He was such a great guy. I helped him get to a position that paid better, and he was all but impossible to replace. Eloy is the Spanish version of the name Elgius.


It's neither. Pick something else.


I have no clue - I really do not think this is a real name. I would beg of you to select something else.


people are seriously going to make fun of his name, do not name him that ! i have never even heard of that name to start with and frankly, i don't even know how to pronounce that correctly. it almost looks like "Ahoy!" hahahaha so i suggest naming him something else.


I'm not to fond of the name, but if your set on naming your son that then, I would say it's a nickname and I would go with Elijah or Elliot as the first name. Then, you could change the nickname to Eli so it will make more sense.

Hope this helps:D