Wdyt of the name Eleri? plus BQ?

Just curious what people think of the name.

BQ1 : How would you pronounce it?

BQ2 : How would you spell it?

BQ3 : What gender do you think it best suits?

BQ4 : What middle name would you pair with it?

Thank you for your time.


It's a Welsh name - I knew someone called this. It's pronounced eh-LE-ri and it's definitely for a girl. In Welsh I don't think there's another way of spelling it. A middle name that's also Welsh would be good, like Carys, Ffion, Bethan, Rhiannon, Angharad or Seren. I like it. It's not common even in Wales (I only knew one girl with this name), but it's pretty.


I don't really like it. It looks too trendy for my taste.

BQ1: ah-LAR-i

BQ2: Elarie

BQ3: Girl

BQ4: Kaitlin


It's okay... it just sounds like you're missing a C at the beginning though and you're supposed to say celery.




Eleri Jane

Eleri Dominique

Eleri Nora


I don't like it. Sounds like celery.

BQ1: (C)elery

BQ2: Elery

BQ3: Girl

BQ4: Elery Grace


BQ1: [ell-er-EE]

BQ2: Ellery.

BQ3: girl, although I think it's "classified" as a boy's.

BQ4: Ellery Madeleine [or Ellery Xander for a boy].


I don't like it. It's very cutesy and sounds too similar to 'celery'.

BQ1: 'EL-er-ee'.

BQ2: Ellery.

BQ3: Female.

BQ4: Something more traditional, perhaps Ellery Catherine or Ellery Caroline.



It looks like the name Ellery which I don't like because it sounds like celery. However this is a different name: and it is pronounced "e-leh-ree" however if you live in an English speaking country it will just be pronounced ellery which is an ugly boy's name that sounds like a girls name that also sounds like a vegetable.