What middle name goes good with the GIRL name Dylan?

I am trying to figure out a middle name for our baby girl, Dylan. Every girl in my family has the middle name Marie... so I'm kind of sick of it. Our last name is Touche'... I don't know if that helps. Just figured I would throw that in there so everything flows together!

BTW, I am AWARE that Dylan is typically a boys name, but this is my choice and my child, and i have realized all the problems that could arise; do Please keep your negative comments to yourself and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't bother to comment!



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I think Dylan is cute for a girl actually. I knew a little girl named Hunter & my niece's name is probably going to be Charlie or Jayden. So I like the boys names for girls (sometimes). Dylan Elizabeth maybe? Or..

Dylan Michelle

Dylan Madison

Dylan Jean

Dylan Elyse

Dylan Riley - I think this is my personal favorite.

Dylan Leann

Dylan Marie would actually be good as well. But if it's everyone in your family's middle name I would probably do something different as well.


I like the name Dylan on a girl, but I think you should give her a feminine middle name so that if she's really girly her name also reflects that. Also, I think it should start with a vowel and be quite long, because that would flow really nicely.

Dylan Alexandra

Dylan Amelia

Dylan Olivia

Dylan Alicia

Dylan Isabella/ Isabelle

Dylan Amalie

I really like Dylan Amalie and Dylan Isabelle, and I would be happy to have that name myself! Good luck x


Dylan Skye

Dylan Grace

Dylan Paige

Dylan Elise

Dylan Mia


Dylan Ashley,

Dylan Michelle

Dylan Joy

Dylan Marie

Dylan Avery

Dylan Sage


I actually think that's very cute!

Dylan Abigail

Dylan Paige

Dylan Violet

Dylan Summer

Dylan Rose

Dylan Isabel

Dylan Juliet


Dylan Kate

Dylan Olivia

Dylan Rosabel

Dylan Elise

Dylan Alice

Dylan Amelia

Dylan Aurora

I also suggest the spelling Dilanne It looks a lot prettier in my personal opinionl.


So you realize all the problems that your daughter will have to deal with yet you're going ahead with it anyway?

I am speechless. That is so incredibly selfish and immature.


Ya, it might be your choice but when making choices you should always take into consideration the people it will effect later in life. That is a bad choice for a girl's name. Just go with Marie, it really isnt that bad.