WDYT of the Name Adélie?

It's Pronounced (ah deh LEE) & It's French. What do you think? Middle name Suggestions? Thanks! :) ?


Very beautiful, and French! French n ames are always adorable. I could tell the pronunciation with out reading it which is good!

Adélie Sophia

Adélie Marissa

Adélie Faith

Adélie Camille

Adélie Natasha

Adélie Renee

Adélie Paige

Adélie Harper

Adélie Victoria

Adélie Brooke

Adélie Summer

Adélie Vanessa

Adélie Scarlett

Adélie Marilyn

Adélie Sienna

Adélie Violet


Sounds good!


I prefer Adeline.


Very original speling which i like but a kind of name i would hear often with a simple spelling. It's French which is awesome and all in all i think it's a beautiful name. It looks and sounds pretty and its origin rocks!