How likely is it I'll become pregnant?

I had unprotected sex with mu husband last night ( no pull out) I'm not on birth control and today Im getting those tight ovulation cramps on one side... And the white discharge u normally get when ovulating.... Just wondering what my chances of becoming pregnant are...


You do have a good chance of becoming pregnant but take a pregnancy test in a week or so to be accurate .


Depends on the woman.


Women are most fertile in the 2 days before ovulation and up to 24 hours after. I hope you were trying to become pregnant, because if not your timing sucks.


I've got you covered,


Idk I think it may be ovulation. Bc when the egg is fertilized it takes about 6-12 day to be implantes inside the uterus. This causes cramps and some spotting. I think you are fine, but keep a check on your symptoms ans look for spotting. I personally think you are not pregnant bc you wouldn't get cramping that fast.