Can a 7 year old child take adult tylenolif...?

Ok so my 7 year old has a tooth ach and I don't have children tylenol and don't have money until tomorrow... she is in pain and I have tylenol 500 mg a pill I was reading that a child should not take an adult dose because it could cause liver damage but duh I wouldn't give her 2 pills or 1 I was wondering if I cut 1 in half and then cut the half in half and give it to her if that would be ok or not? She is in pain and I feel bad :( I don't know what to do


She'd be fine with half of one. Ibuprofen would be better for a toothache though.


I remember getting a half a pill when i was younger. The liver damage part if for overdosages and daily usage.Try 1/4 of the pill first and if that doesnt work then go ahead and give the other 1/4 to make it a half.Also have her gargle some warm salt water, that will help with the tooth.


i wouldn't do it but i guess if you don't give them as much as you would take it should be fine...


First off I don't recommend doing this as even 12 year olds have died from taking adult Tylenol.

The formulation for adult Tylenol is also different from children Tylenol and as such no amount of adult Tylenol should be given to a child, in other words even just cutting a pill in half wont work.

Read this article for a much clearer explanation:…

Your better off not giving her anything for the moment, I know it hurts too see your children in pain but that's part of life and growing up. Wait till you can get an appropriate children's version of Tylenol.


Yes, you can give her 1/2 of the 500mg tablet. As long as you can make her swallow the pill.


its up to you really, but i would cut the adult Tylenol into a peace that is about the same size as a children's dose


Yea, that's fine.

My mom used to give me a half of one, crushed in a spoon with some sugar and water..

I don't even know if they made Children's Tylenol when I was 7.