My boyfriend wants to finger me?

Does it hurt to get fingerd, if i havent ever done it before or had sex? is it possible for me to bleed? i dont currently shave down there, an my boyfriend doesnt eather, i dont know if that makes a difference.. but should i shave? im kinda scared too, i tried to once an it kinda hurt. any advice? please.!


Don't worry hun, I remember when i did it for the first time.. yes initially it will be slightly strange.. but as long as you trust each other you'll be fine.

Shaving is your option. Most guys say they like girls to be clean cut down their, to look like they take care of themselves.. Plus, when you shave it makes your "area" look a lot cleaner and can possibly help the guy out.

As for hurting, it's different for every girl. I used to horseback ride and dance, so my hymen was gone long ago, but that didn't change the initial discomfort i had the first time. Remember, you always have to be wet before he goes in. If your hymen is still intact, you could expect some spotting, but nothing drastic (don't expect your sheets to look like you sacrificed a lamb).

Honey, if you're too scared, don't do it.

you need to be relaxed and comfortable for it to not hurt.

As soon as you're ready, you should go ahead and do it and enjoy it :)


how old are you O_o you sound young and innocent ..

no i feels good if he does it right. bleed? maybe if he pops your cherry. shaveing would be better lols its not bad but thats what i perfer, and my boyfriend does too

if your younger than 16 i would advise you to wait.. dont rush into sex with someone who doesnt plan on being in your life afterwards.


As for what fingering feels like, and whether or not you would enjoy it, it simply comes down to how much patience and experience your boyfriend has. If he is just as inexperienced as you are, you will need to assure that he goes very slowly, taking time to actually have you turned on enough to lubricate his fingers well before entering. Also, before he even gets to that point, make sure his hands are clean, and his nails trimmed to avoid potential problems.

As for the actual act of penetration, have him start out with only one finger, slowly massaging your opening WITHOUT going in. This will help your body have time to react to him a bit more, and also relaxes the muscles around your opening so that things can go a bit easier. When a woman is ready for insertion, the man can feel it, as everything just "loosens up", and is fully lubricated. Also, depending on how your body is, and assuming you still have a hymen, don't expect anything to make it in "safely" on the first try. I had one girlfriend when I was younger who could literally only fit a pinky finger at first, who took over a week of daily "excercise" to stretch to fit two fingers. Once you can fit a finger or two without any pain, have him make a "pincher" movement with a thumb on your clitoris, and the finger(s) rubbing/pulling up towards your belly button. As the finger(s) curl upwards, he should feel a soft rounded ridge with a slight depression... that's your g-spot (and the whole reason for fingering). Tell him what feels good, and bad, while he's doing it to help him along as well.


well it's only going to hurt if you're not wet down their. get wet by kissing, feeling ect. and this is what i do: go to the bathrooom and see if you're wet if not then just put spit on works just as well ( ;


Guys like is shaved. I think you should wait until your married for that stuff though. Yes, you will probably bleed if he breaks your hymen.


Hi, you say your boyfriend wants to finger you but what do you want? It' s your body, only do what you are comfortable with. Lots of kissing, caressing and touching will help you relax and feel aroused which in turn will produce lubricant in your vagina and make things easier. It shouldn' t hurt but he needs to be gentle. Also, just shoving a finger in isn' t going to be much fun for you. Your whole vulva as well as your vagina are erogenous zones, and so is the rest of your body. Although this may sound a bit "eewww" the best way to get in touch with your body, how being fingered will feel and what you like in terms of sexual touch is to explore your body yourself. If you know what turns you on and how you feel you can gently guide him. And don' t forget to make sure you are informed about safer sex. Take things slowly and only do what you are comfortable with. If he is not ok with that then he is being selfish and doesn' t deserve you.


No, when your fingered it doesn' t hurt. It' ll actually feel good lol ! You definitely will not bleed either, unless you start your period while he' s doing his thing hahaha. you' re thinking too much about it.. You' ll be fine I promiseeee. good luck !