How can I make this relationship last? (10 points)?

Alright so I have a bf and we have been dating for 9 months now. and we REALLY like eachother he is so great like amazing but he is kinda a flirt. The thing is the summer started so were off from school so i cant see him. And thats 3 montths! Now people would say that i can email him and call him well thats a problem! because just my luck my parents just grounded me for a whole two months! (their really strick) And i dont have a cell phone to calll him. So i cant see him or email him or anything cus im grounded. for two months. How do i make it last? How do i trust that he wont get another girfriend? Cus he is really hot and popular so girls way hotter than me are lining up for him... how do i no he wont go wwith them? And how can i somehow still feel happy without him and not enter depression!

Thanks guys!

btw im 15 almost 16


Don't worry, you have him already, all the other girls have to remove you from his heart first before they have a chance.

You know, go old school, now that you are grounded, ever time you think about him, write it on a piece of paper. I mean time, date and how you are actually feeling. So the day you see him for the first time you give him this paper. This will show him that for every moment, even when you were alone, you were thinking about him.