Is it wrong that my boyfriend is mad at this?!?

My boyfriend is really ticked at me because my best friend (and ex-boyfriend) is into music and has been writing all these songs about how one day we'll be together, and remembering all the good times we had when we were dating... Then for my birthday he made this video of old pictures of us and we were kissing in one of them and he showed it to everyone. I've told my best friend that I just want to be friends but he keeps trying to get me back. My boyfriend and I have been fighting because I told him to be nice to my best friend, and I don't understand why he's mad at me and not him? What should I do?


No your boyfriend has every right to be mad. Your ex is going too far, if you have made it clear to him that you just want to be friends then he should stop trying to get you back. Your boyfriend obviously understands that your ex/best friend is trying to split you two up, and he obviously wants you to cut all ties with this guy. If you truly love your boyfriend then you should make the sacrifice, because if this ex was truly your "best friend" he would care for whats best for you and what makes you happy and not try to ruin things for you.


No it's completely normal for your boyfriend to be mad, I'm surprised he hasn't beaten the guy up yet


Is it wrong that hes mad that you're still choosing your ex-bf over him, and that you're ex is clearly trying to break you two up?

no, he's not wrong.....BUT you two seem to lack some maturity to handle the situation, you're bf doesn't have to be nice to your ex/best friend. And you have to ask yourself if you really have let go of this ex, especially if you find it ok that he keeps trying to get you back.


your supporting Ur best friend when your bf is upset that would make me upset to


he cant me mad at ur ex or best friend now because he cant do anything but u talk to him so he is mad at you because ur like be nice he might hink u have feelings cuz hes bringing back ur old times


It's understandable.

Imagine your boyfriend's ex did the same thing, and he didn't seem bothered by it. Wouldn't you be annoyed?